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nice to meet you.
My name is Kei Yoh and I am the representative of KYRAH.

Although I was raised in Japan and have Japanese nationality, English was my first language as well as Japanese due to my mother's educational policy inherited from my American grandfather who was born and raised in Seattle.

I have always lacked confidence in myself, so I never saw my upbringing in an environment that was different from the norm as a strength, and was always worried about my appearance, what I could do, and whether I was half-baked. I was distracted.

But when I moved to America for college, my world changed.

Everyone clearly understands their strengths, and without hiding them, they continue to develop them and turn them into confidence.
He has the power to turn all my weaknesses into strengths.

At the time, I was thinking that I wanted to become a TV announcer someday, but I was deeply shocked by something that a major domestic TV station said to me.

"Are you Japanese or American? If you don't make that clear, viewers will be confused."

You don't need to define your identity for someone else.
You must develop your own potential.
That was the moment that convinced me.

At KYRAH, I aim to transform each person's "individuality" into "strength" through jewelry.
This is our idea.