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customer's voice

I didn't know about lab-grown diamonds at first, but I'm happy that I was able to choose a higher quality engagement ring within my budget. It feels so good to wear it and I think it's environmentally friendly.

Hina M.

I would like to thank you for your very courteous response, even though we had a tight delivery schedule. The founder, Kei, has a wonderful personality and taste, and it was a wonderful purchasing experience.

-Teresa T.

I want more people to know that they can get such high quality products for such a low price!

-Customers from Instagram

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About lab-grown diamonds

environmentally friendly

It has attracted attention in recent years as a sustainable option that is kind to the earth because it does not require mining, and does not cause harsh labor or conflict.

KYRAH mainly handles lab-grown diamonds made using solar energy.

rare shine

By producing diamonds in a modern laboratory, we can stably produce high-quality diamonds that do not contain impurities (nitrogen), which is said to only exist in 5% of natural diamonds.

As a guarantee of quality, all lab-grown diamonds over 0.3 carats at KYRAH come with a certificate from an international grading organization stating the 4Cs.

Affordable price

Although it is a real diamond with the exact same chemical composition and characteristics as a natural diamond, it costs about half the price of a natural diamond of the same quality.

At KYRAH, we are able to achieve "high quality x low price" by directly purchasing lab-grown diamonds of a grade equal to or higher than that of high-end jewelers in Japan and overseas directly from the laboratory.


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